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09 Jun 2014
They compounds sugary mono, and that means no to turn to the components simpler and then is absorbed and digested quickly severe in the blood, making it the ideal vehicle to help increase the stock of glycogen in the muscle, and high rates of insulin.

The fructose, it is a vehicle sugary unilateralism which can be obtained from fruits, honey and white looks like this composite of the chemical compound of glucose, but differs from it in the installation must be metabolized primarily by the liver, before it is absorbed into the muscle tissue, which makes it an excellent source of sugar for the renewal of the sources of glycogen in the liver.  Old School New Body Review

And will not be fructose alone is the best choice as a way to renew the sources of glycogen in the liver or increase the percentage of insulin in the blood after the completion of training, and at the same time, the combination of glucose and fructose will result in fantastic (We do not mean such that sucrose sugar we use in our daily lives is the binary compound saccharide contains both glucose and fructose).

even if you insist on a diet containing a low percentage of carbohydrates, not avoid carbohydrates in the meal you eat after the completion of the training session directly, but If you want to start your body in the fragmentation of muscle tissue to get to the source of energy required in the process of recovering the muscle if you do not rush to renew the sources of glycogen muscle after training, you will not grow your muscles never to the best of their potential and will force you run out of glycogen muscle to reduce the severity of cramps and effort spent in training cascading, limiting thus necessarily the ability of your muscles to carry heavy weights. For more information


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